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Basic Switch Info...  * Required Fields

B1. Manufacturer *

 From Drop Down List or printed on switch body or label  
B2. Part Number  Printed on switch body or label

B3. Quantity Req'ed *

 Quantity of switches required

B4. Actuator Type *

 Rocker 1 - Rocker 2 - Toggle - Push Pull - Push Button - Lever - Rotary

B5. Actuator Profile *

 Square -  Round -  Oval - Rectangular - Wedge - Contura - Curved

B6. Actuator Material  *

 Metal, Plastic, Nylon Or Other

B7. Actuator Color *

 Amber, Black, Chrome, Clear, Green, Other, Red, White, Yellow

B8. # Of Terminals *

 Total Number Of Electrical Connections (Terminals)
B9. Terminal Types *  Tabs (QD) - Tabs/Screws - Wire Leads - Solider  -  Tapped Holes

B10. Mtg Type *

 Round, Rectangular, Square, Other

B11. Mtg Cutout *

 Height X Width Or Diameter

B12. Bezel Color *

 Applies to Rocker & Push Type Switches

B13. Function *

 Off-On, Off-Mon, On-Off-On, Mon-Off-Mon, Off-On-Start, Fwd-Off-Rev
B14. Strap Jumpers *  Yes - No  Typically used on forward & reverse applications

Lighted Switches... If Non Lighted Select "None" in Item C1 & Skip To "Submit Request"

C1. Light Voltage *

 Ac Or  Dc... 6, 12, 24, 28, 32, 48, 120, 220, 480 Volts etc

C2. Lens 1 Color

 Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red & White

C3. Lens 2 Color

 Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red & White

C4. Light 1 Color

 (Pos#1) - (Pos#2 Clear) - (Pos#3)

C5. Light 2 Color

 (Pos#1) - (Pos#2 is Clear) - (Pos#3)
C6. Lens Type  Tipped - Round 1 -  Round 2 - Rectangular - SquareSquare2 - Raised

C7. Lens Location

 Tip, Top, Center, Bottom, Left, Right, End, Both Ends

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