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Airpax Circuit Breakers - Series 218, JAE, JRE, JLE

Section#1... Airpax Circuit Breakers - 1 Pole Unit

A... Terminals

B... Side Overview

JAE/JRE/JLE Dimensional Drawings   prod_24_ap_jre02.jpg (50317 bytes)

JAE/JRE/JLE Dimensional Drawings

C... Rear View

D... Front View

prod_24_ap_jre00.jpg (51771 bytes)

JAE/JRE/JLE Dimensional Drawings     prod_24_ap_jre01.jpg (52227 bytes)


Section#2... Airpax Circuit Breaker - Ocean Yachts - Anchor Windlass

A... Back Connected Terminals

D... Side Overview

218 Series

JAE/JRE/JLE Dimensional Drawings

C... Shunt Trip Terminal

D... GJ1-Heinmann Version  

Shunt Trip    prod_24_ap_jre03.jpg (53964 bytes)

HI-Amp Circuit Breaker
Used On
Ocean Yachts
 Anchor Windlass...

See Also Heinemann GJ1 Version

In Stock...  Order Part No. 24-GJ1BDSC150  or  24-JRE1BDSC150

Anchor Windlass Circuit Breaker, Ocean Yachts, Shunt Trip..... Heinemann Series GJ1-XXX... Airpax Series JRE1-XXX

Section#3... Airpax Circuit Breakers - Multi Pole Units

JAE/JRE/JLE Box Terminal

Number of poles Dimensions
1 Pole 1.500
2 Poles 3.000
3 Poles 4.500
4 Poles 6.000
5 Poles 7.500
6 Poles 9.000

Section#4... Airpax Circuit Breakers - Parallel Multi Pole Units

JAE/JRE/JLE Parallel Multi-Pole Assemblies

JAE/JRE/JLE Parallel Multi-Pole Assemblies

JAE/JRE/JLE Parallel Multi-Pole Assemblies

JAE/JRE/JLE Parallel Multi-Pole Assemblies

 No. of Poles Amp Range Dim. �A� Dim. "B"
2 Poles 275-400 3.000 2.375 plus/minus .030
3 Poles 450-600 4.500 3.875 plus/minus .030
4 Poles 650-800 6.000 5.375 plus/minus .030
5 Poles 850-1000 7.500 6.875 plus/minus .030
6 Poles 1050-1200 9.000 8.375 plus/minus .030

Section#5... Airpax Circuit Breakers - Terminal Types 

Pem Nut Stud

Terminal Configuration

Terminal Configuration

Long Stud Solderless Box

Terminal Configuration

Terminal Configuration


Section#6... Airpax Circuit Breakers - Trip Types 

A... Shunt Trip

B... Shunt Trip

Shunt Trip 

The shunt trip is designed for controlling two separate loads with one assembly. The control is established by providing overload protection for the critical load. When the current through this load becomes excessive and reaches the trip point, the protector will open and remove power from both loads simultaneously. The total current rating of both loads must not exceed the maximum contact rating.

A... Relay Trip

A... Relay Trip

Relay Trip

This permits the overload sensing coil to be placed in a circuit which is electrically isolated from the trip contacts. The coil may be actuated by sensors monitoring pressure, flow, temperature, speed, etc. Other typical applications include crowbar, interlock and emergency/rapid shutdown circuitry. Trip may be accomplished by voltage or current, which must be removed after trip.


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