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Air Pax Circuit Breakers  IAL/IUL/IEL/LEL Series 

Section #1 Airpax IAL/IUL/IEL/LEL/LELHP Single Pole Series

A... Clip terminals B... Snap in / toggle guard C... Bullet terminals
Standard Stud Terminal  
  Standard Stud Terminal  
Screw Stud Thread Dimension "A"
(See Table)
Dimension "B"
(See Table)
1/4 - 20 .545 .687
M5 .510 .652
10 - 32 .545 .687
Note: Each outer terminal is supplied with a flatwasher, tooth lockwasher and a hex nut.


Single Pole
  Standard Stud Terminal


Screw Terminal
Clip Terminal
  Standard Stud Terminal   Clip Terminal


Bullet Terminal
  Bullet Terminal
Bullet terminal receptacle should be .312 plus/minus .001 diameter hole not less than .250 in depth. Contact Airpax for other bullet sizes.


  A. Terminal protrusion dimensions are referenced from back of mounting panel.

B. Each screw terminal is supplied with a 10-32x.312 (7.92) or M5 x 8mm screw, flatwasher and external tooth lockwasher.

  C. Stud terminals are supplied with a flatwasher, external tooth lockwasher and a 10-32 or M5 hex nut (<=70A)(<=50A for LEL), 1/4-20 or M6 hex nut (>70A)(>50A for LEL).


D... 1 Pole 1 handle E... Metal handle F... 3 pole 1 handle G... Rocker handle
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Section #2

IUL Magnetic Circuit Breaker
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