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Glendinning Twin Engine Synchronizer


Glendinning Automatic Synchronizer

The Glendinning Automatic Twin Engine Synchronizer

Has been the industry standard for automatic engine synchronization since 1972. Engine synchronization is vital on twin engine boats, not only for the purpose of increased efficiency & safety,  but also to eliminate annoying noise and vibration caused by engines operating at different speeds. This product has the following notable features:

Glendinning Automatic Synchronization
  Unlike synchronizing lights and gauges, the Glendinning Synchronizer adjusts engine speed automatically and continually, with out any effort on the part of the helmsman.
Single Lever Control Of Two Engines
  When the synchronizer is on, it will adjust the speed of the slave engine to exactly match the lead engine speed. The result of this is that the helmsman can control the speed of both engines merely adjusting the speed of the master engine.
Compatible With All Types Of Inboard Engines 
Adapters are available for interfacing the synchronizer with virtually every gas or diesel engine... Yanmar, Detroit, Cummins, Cats, Caterpillar, Mercruiser, Chrysler, Crusader, Volvo, Perkins, Ford Lehman, Leyland, Hino, Man, Mtu,  Cat... 
Compatible With All Types Of Controls
 Adapters are available for interfacing the synchronizer with virtually every control system, including push-pull, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, Teleflex, Morse, Hynautic and Panish
Excellent Dependability
Over 25,000 Glendinning synchronizers are currently operating throughout the world. Some synchronizer units have been constantly operating since 1972!
A... Synchronizer & Cat Eng Drive Assem

B... Glendinning Synchronizer Overview *

C... Glendinning Synchronizer Solenoid

sync.gif (41677 bytes) *
Dimensional Pdf

D... Glendinning Synchronizer 90 Drive Joint

E... Synchronizer Drive Cable End View *

F... Tach Generator & Drive Pin


G... Glendinning Synchronizer Relay Assem

H... Stop Collar... Air Gap Adj  .125-.250"

I... Drive Adaptor Assem Cummins Engines




J... Drive Joint 90 Cummins Engines

K... Mechanical Drive Adaptors Perkins

L... Mechanical Drive Adaptors Perkins



M... Synchronizer Technical

N... Synchronizer Installation Layouts 

O... Mechanical Drive Adaptors *

Bridge Cable Adjustment

Clutch Cable Replacement

Control Cable #1
Control Cable #2
Electrical Wiring *

Hynautic Control

Limit Sw Adjustment

Operators Manual *

Clutch Adjust & Parts Id
Solenoid Replacement


Typical *



Choose Engine Type

 Crusader & Merc 350ci
Volvo TAMD 40, 60, 70
Chrysler 440 & 490

Detroit 6.2L, 8.2L
 Lehman 135, 185, 225 & 2750

#454 Crusader & Merc

Cat 3116 & 3126 - Old Style

Cat 3116 & 3126 - New Style

Cat 34122e #06075

Crusader 8.1L #06015

Cummins 32628

Horizon 454 #06010L

John Deer

Lehman d160 #06061


Perkins 6/354 #06060

Perkins Adaptor #06062

Volvo #06039

Volvo & Yanmar


Yanmar 6cxm  #06038


Please Review The Items With An " * " To See Typical Synchronizer Package

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