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 Custom Marine Services ~ Sales Policy Terms & Conditions


Custom Marine Services:

            Has been operating successfully since 1973 supplying goods and services to the marine,
      automotive, aircraft, recreational vehicle, commercial and industrial equipment industries
      using the sales policies and procedures listed below.
    A... PRICING:    
             1. No pricing appears in this website.    
             2. Quoted pricing is valid 30 days, unless otherwise noted.    
    B... MINIMUM ORDER:     
             1. Domestic shipments have no minimum order requirements.    
       2. Some items are sold in "minimum packaging" quantities.
       3. International shipments have a minimum net order requirement of $200.00.
       4. Custom Marine Services reserves the right to change minimums without notice.
    C... PLACING ORDERS: Choose the method which best fits your needs.     
              1. Phone, instant response, We Still Answer The Phone The Old Fashioned Way!   
           However, during peak periods electronic intercept may result. 
           Your call will then be sequence for call back, which may delay response time
           by 5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on call volume and time of day
              2. E-Mail, 1 to 4 hours    
              3. On Line Ordering real time... System Is Out Of Service For Upgrades.....    
              4. US Mail, 3 to 10 days    
              5. Telecommunication Relay Call Services... NOT ACCEPTED    
              6. Our first goal is to fill orders accurately.  Our second goal is to fill orders quickly. 
          To help us attain this, we ask you have as much information available
          as possible identify the product. 
          Basic information  would include... our part number, name of part, 
          manufacturer,    manufacturers number, description, (l x w x h or diameter), quantity,
          color, size, voltage, amps, poles, terminals, positions, function, etc.  With
          accurate    information on the parts you
          are requesting, we can attain these goals with a minimum amount of probing
          when you contact us.
                  Business hours... See  Contact Page    
    E... BACK ORDERS:    
                  We have worked hard to earn your business,  therefore any item not in stock
           will be back ordered automatically and shipped promptly, usually within 2 to 10 days.
    F... SPECIAL ORDERS:     
                  We are happy to place special orders for items we do not stock. Orders are
          payable in advance, non returnable and freight charges from origin will apply.
    G... SHIPPING & FREIGHT:     
              1. Our primary domestic freight carrier is UPS and USPS unless otherwise  noted.    
              2. Our international freight carrier is Fedx, unless otherwise noted.    
              3. At our sole discretion we my utilize other carriers as required or deemed necessary.    
              4. All freight charges will be prepaid and added.  1-4# Lower 48... $10.50 to $18.75
            depending on geographical location.
              5. We do not accept 2nd or 3rd party account numbers for collect freight!    
              6. All drop shipments will be subject to a drop ship charge, typically $10.00.    
              7. All freight in & out, handling & rush order charges are non returnable.    


              1. Goods shall not be returned without a Return Goods Authorization. (RGA)    
                  Contact CMS within 10 days of invoice date for RGA number.    
                  Goods returned  without authorization will be refused.    
              2. A copy of original "invoice" or "sales order" must accompany all returns.    
              3. Damaged or incomplete returned goods will not be eligible for credit.      
              4. Credit will be issued only after inspection of returned goods are found to be in new    
              5. Special orders, non stock items or cut to length orders will not be returnable.    
              6. Goods returned without re-order will incur a 30% - 50% restocking fee.    
              7. Goods returned with re-order are subject to a 15% - 20% restocking fee.    
              8. No goods will be accepted after thirty (30) days from invoice date.    
              9. Return shipping charges must be prepaid by customer.    


                  Our parts orders are carefully packed to insure there safe arrival.     
                  However, even with the highest degree of quality packing occasionally damage occurs. 
            and file proper claim with freight carrier. 
                 Should this happen, please note the details on shipping documents.    
                 Damage in transit is the responsibility of the carrier.     
               Claims filed against the carrier are the responsibility of the customer.    



                Any errors in shipment(s) must be reported within five (5) days of delivery date.



                    We are distributing internationally & nationally recognized manufacturers
            products to various industries.  As a distributor, we assume no liability of any
            product & offer no warranty, either expressed or implied for such products.


              1. Domestic Sales:                                    
                  Prepayment by Visa, Master, Discover and Amx credit cards, money orders,    
                  company personal or cashiers checks & wire transfers are acceptable    
                  payment in US dollars    
              2. International Sales:
            Prepayment by wire transfer in US dollars will be required on all orders.

        Thank You, Custom Marine Services