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Marine Battery System Hookups

As more and more electronics and electrical accessories are added to your boat (autopilot, refrigeration, etc.) the use of multi-batteries becomes a necessity. Guest components allow you to set up the system (from simple to complex) for your boat's application. the diagrams below are for use in identifying and designing the right system for your boating needs. Detailed installation schematics are available.

Schematic A
A. On/Off Master disconnect - one battery.
Installation to shut off all power at source. Recommended installation by approved authorities.

Schematic B
B. Battery selector switch and Master disconnect - Two batteries.
Installation: To select a starter battery and ship service battery. Manually isolates each battery, parallels both batteries for emergency start, master disconnect, manually selects batteries for charging.

Schematic C
C. One isolator, two batteries.
Installation: Isolator automatically selects lower charged battery to be charged first. Full battery can not discharge to drained battery. Dedicated system, no flexibility, no emergency parallel or disconnect function.

Schematic D
D. Battery selector switch and master disconnect with automatic battery isolator and automatic charging two batteries.
Installation: An isolator automatically isolates each battery, lower charged battery will automatically be charged first. Two different size batteries can be used, larger for ship services, smaller for engine starting. Switch selects usage, master disconnect, emergency parallel function.

Schematic E
E. One battery selector switch, one on/off selector switch. Automatic battery isolation and automatically charges 3 batteries.
Installation: Use for sailboats and trawlers. Third battery isolated from other ship circuits. All batteries being automatically charged while running through isolator. To be used for refrigeration or other heavy load devices. Isolator protects other batteries. Switch selector usage: 1 Master disconnect 2. Emergency parallel function.

Schematic F
F. One battery selector switch, one on/off or selector switch, two alternators, one isolator, three batteries.
Installation: Isolator separates both alternators so both alternators will charge simultaneously, automatically charges lowest battery first. All batteries can be used for start, third battery, ship's source.

Schematic G
G. Adding automatic battery charger/converters to system.
Installation: At dockside multi-bank charger built in isolator which will automatically charge lower battery. First see battery charger selector charts for proper sizing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The boater's electrical needs and problems should be discussed with your boatyard's electrical technician. He understands the basic theories and concepts necessary to design or help you with electrical systems and problems.